Save time by batch processing typical office tasks

Lots of productivity tips can be hard to implement. But this one really isn’t.

If you are looking for a way to increase the amount you get done without much pain then batch processing is the way forward.

Some productivity tips involve pushing through mental barriers or cultivating habits. These are important but also take time and effort. Batch processing is a simple concept that has saved me loads of time. Continue reading “Save time by batch processing typical office tasks”

My top 10 productivity & business podcasts

I love podcasts for a few reasons. I find that I learn a lot by exposing myself to different viewpoints. I can listen to them while being active, whether going to the gym or just walking. Most of all, I find they inspire me and catalyse my thinking.

My preferred podcast app is Pocket Casts because it is cross platform, i.e. I can sync across my Android phone and iPad and it allows you to set your preferred playback speed for each podcast. However, you can find all of these podcasts through Pocket Casts, iTunes or various other systems. Continue reading “My top 10 productivity & business podcasts”

5 easy productivity hacks for Gmail

I’m a firm believer in ‘inbox zero’. This is the idea that your ‘inbox’ should be exactly what the name suggests: a storage space for incoming messages. Your inbox should not be where you manage tasks, archive information, etc. The following tips are all based on the assumption that you are working toward this goal.

1. Filter & unsubscribe brutally

If you are serious about spending less time doing mundane tasks like checking email and more time doing meaningful creative work, or just having fun, then you should start at the root: how can you reduce the number of emails coming in to your inbox?
Continue reading “5 easy productivity hacks for Gmail”

A list of the best business books

There are so many great ideas and thinkers out there that if you are running a business, charity or enterprise of any kind and you haven’t dug into the wealth of books available, your are missing a trick. Here is a list of the books that I have found most helpful.

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey

There are a few books on this list that count as classics and this is one of them. First published in 1989 it has been republished countless times. It’s not really a business book in that it takes a fundamentally holistic approach seeing business as just one part of life that is most effectively approached by developing a deep understanding of the principles that drive you as a human being. It is then packed with practical tips on how to let those principles drive everything you do.

Being pretty old, there are lots of cheap second hand copies floating around (check out Or if you want to find this or any of the other books on Amazon just click the images.

How to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie

Even more of a classic, this one was first published in 1936 and it’s crazy how relevant it still is. You many assume from the title that the book is in some way about manipulating other people to get what you want. In reality , this short book simply explores a range of common human characteristics and draws from them lessons about how to get the best out of other people by understanding how they think and act.

This one is available free as an ebook. Continue reading “A list of the best business books”

How I save hours each day by checking email ONCE per day

Every day this week I checked my email once per day. I run a busy web agency with 11 employees and I’m currently managing 5 or so active projects while pushing along a similar number of active sales leads, managing the team and various other bits and pieces. So I can assure you this is not a symptom of a lack of potential email traffic. In fact, I used to drown in email.

Now I check my email once per day and this simple habit saves me hours per week. I know this habit saves me hours because I measured it using one of my favourite productivity web apps, rescue time. In this post I explain how I did this. Continue reading “How I save hours each day by checking email ONCE per day”