Free employment contract template

I create legal documents based on two powerful principles:

  • plain english (anyone should be able to understand them), and
  • quick deployment (I separate key terms at the top so you can reliably bash out a new contract in minutes without having to revise any of the main body of the document).

This employment contract includes flexibility for, among other things:

  • different notice periods,
  • probation periods, and
  • part time working.

To get started you only have to add your company name in three places and your logo or name at the top. I hope this is useful and saves you as much time as it saves me and my companies.

Please let me know if you spot any issues in the comments so that I can update the template and make it even more useful for other readers!

Download the free employment contract template here (note it is in ODT format – I recommend you use Libre Office to open and manage this template).