My top 10 productivity & business podcasts

I love podcasts for a few reasons. I find that I learn a lot by exposing myself to different viewpoints. I can listen to them while being active, whether going to the gym or just walking. Most of all, I find they inspire me and catalyse my thinking.

My preferred podcast app is Pocket Casts because it is cross platform, i.e. I can sync across my Android phone and iPad and it allows you to set your preferred playback speed for each podcast. However, you can find all of these podcasts through Pocket Casts, iTunes or various other systems.

James Altucher

I like this podcast because of its breadth and because James Altucher attracts a diverse but consistently interesting range of guests. He also has a very distinctive interview style. He always challenges his guests and approaches things from interesting angles. You rarely hear something you’ve heard before!

Entrepreneur on fire

This podcast is extremely cheesy and thoroughly American, but I often enjoy dipping in to it because most of guests are interesting in some way or another. It unashamedly follows a very formulaic approach, which is understandable in light of the fact that it is prolific (one new podcast each day)!

Listen to Lucy

Classically british and refreshingly witty, this Financial Times published podcast explores interesting business topics but in a distinctly tongue-in-cheek manner.

Monocle: The Entrepreneurs

This is the most polished podcast on this list. Edited in magazine style, each episode includes a few different stories from about enterprises across the world. In a world where things can easily get very Silicon Valley focused, this podcast is refreshingly international in scope.

The Web Agency Podcast

OK so this one is only interesting if you (like me) are involved in the web development world. It’s a hosted mainly by Ben Newton, a very affable Kiwi who succeeds in being pretty effortlessly fun and interesting. Guests can be a bit hit or miss but there have been some really insightly episodes.

Tim Ferriss

I’m sure some people hate this guy, and he’s certainly worth taking with a pinch of salt, but I find that the more I listen to this guy the more interesting I find him. While sometimes masquerading as a slightly immature frat-boy he is in reality just really interested in the world around him and keen to do everything he can to figure it out. His particular focus is health / productivity but he dips often into practical philosophy

The Bottom Line

This BBC podcast with Evan Davis is not permanently running because it’s a podcast version of a radio show that runs in series, but when it’s running it’s always an interesting podcast. It’s more journalistic and also covers a broader range of businesses than many of the other podcasts on this list, which tend to focus on small businesses and startups.


This is a long running podcast but the host Andrew Warner manages to consistently find high calibre guests.

Seth Godin’s Startup School & How to Start a Startup

These last two podcasts are slightly different in that they are freely available audio versions of physical events. This means each has a defined number of episodes covering a set range of topics. They are also in lecture format rather than interviewing guests.

Seth Godin is always worth listening to, so I won’t say more about that. How to Start a Startup is the audio version of the Y Combinator lecture series so it’s collection of lectures from big names in the Silicon Valley startup scene and Y Combinator staff like Paul Graham. The content on both of these courses is very high quality.