Nozbe review: task management app for lovers of the GTD methodology

Nozbe is a task management app that aims to make life as simple as possible and help you get things done. It’s very intentionally built around David Allen’s GTD (‘get things done’) task management methodology. It’s aim is to help you keep your day to day task management out of emails.


Key distinctive features

  • Integration with Dropbox / Google Apps / Box to associate docs with tasks.
  • Integration with Evernote.
  • Multi-platform: fluid experience across desktop, mobile and tablet.

The good

  • Well designed around a particular productivity approach but has the flexibility to make it your own.
  • Deliberately simple interface
  • Friendly and responsive support
  • ‘Contexts’ system is a really neat way to cross section projects based on the particular context you will be in when you perform the particular task. For user with a large number of tasks and who are happy to take the time to categorise all new tasks by context this can be a really powerful feature.
  • Ability to star tasks for ‘next action’ automatically based on due dates.

The bad

  • Mobile user experience is poor. The theory of a single interface across all devices is nice but on typical smart phones this results in a clunky and difficult to use mobile interface with hit areas that are just too small for the typical user.
  • Feature development a touch slow. I was with Nozbe for a few years but defected to Wunderlist because Nozbe didn’t have a quick add widget for Android. They have since released this widget.

Personal reflections

I really enjoyed Nozbe and used it for several years. For strict followers of the GTD methodology I really think this is the best app out there. In the end I have adopted a slightly simpler approach without ‘contexts’ and as such Wunderlist serves me well. However I would certainly consider moving back. I don’t think there’s much to pick between the two systems.

Screenshots nozbeNozbe2 nozbe 3


For the first two people it’s £8 each per month (£6 if you pay annually). For each additional person it’s £4 (£3 if you pay annually).


A very competent and well thought through system that I strongly recommend based on heavy personal use if you are a devotee of the GTD methodology and even if you aren’t I’d still recommend giving it a test run.

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