7 powerful CRM applications for small businesses

There are a huge number of good CRMs out there which are priced to make them accessible to small businesses. I’ve spent a lot of time searching these out, giving them a try and even running with them for a while in one of the businesses I’m involved in.

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Capsule CRM review: contacts and pipeline management for small and medium sized businesses

I work with a number of contact (or ‘customer’/’constituent’) relationship management systems and have tried many more. Capsule CRM stands out for its blend of simplicity with a select range of powerful integrations.

At the extremes of the CRM world sit Highrise (from 37signals) and Salesforce. Highrise is unashamedly simple. 37 signals eschew complexity and cross platform integration but instead provide an open API which leads to the development of third party apps. Salesforce, is increasingly working to draw its customers into a world where everything they do from email to social media engagement is done through Salesforce software.

Capsule CRM Logo

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Pipedrive Review: sales & pipeline focused CRM web application

Pipedrive is not really a fully fledged CRM. It is a web app that is focused clearly on assisting with the sales process, and it does this well.

Pipeline Dashboard

The key distinctive of this application is the pipeline dashboard view.

Pipedrive review dashboard screenshot

For those familiar with the pipeline sales methodology this is a very intuitive and helpfully visual way of displaying everything that is going on in one screen. For those who are newer to the pipeline way of thinking, this app will probably help to convince you of its merits (or which there are many, but that’s a different blog post).

The only significant downside of this pipeline view is the fact that it is not that scalable. Yes, you can use filters to break up your deals onto different pipelines, but nonetheless the graphical interface only works well with a limited number of deals.

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