The perils of premature scaling and how to avoid it

I’ve been learning important business lessons of late that are well captured by the concept of ‘premature scaling’. So I thought I’d share my experiences in case they help you avoid my mistakes.

The vanity of team size

The first mistake I made was to equate the size of our team with success of the business. It is from this root that many future issues stemmed.

I can see why I made this mistake. When people ask you about your business you assume they are sizing you up. Perhaps they are?  ‘Is this guy for real?’ they seem to wonder.

This is particularly the case in the world of website development because anyone can set up shop. So I drew satisfaction from telling people I was part of a ‘decent sized team’ (the team at White Fuse has been around or over the 10 people mark for the last couple of years). I was gratified by responses like ‘ooh that’s quite big’. ‘Yes’, I thought, ‘I have a team of ten people and therefore I have a substantial business’. Continue reading “The perils of premature scaling and how to avoid it”