FREE: website design contract template

For most people running small businesses, the last thing they want to spend money on is legal fees. However, the alternative is often equally uninviting: writing your own contract.

Keep your website contract simple!

During my pre-business days as a contract lawyer I developed a deep loathing for lengthy overly defensive contracts. In my experience, what really mattered was clarity and what invariably led to disputes was the parties failing to think through the contractual arrangement before signing up. For exactly this reason, long contracts are often counterproductive. It is much better to have a contract that your clients actually read rather than try to sneak in every clause under the sun and hope they don’t bother.

Get my contract for free to copy and re-use

To save you a bit of time I thought I would share the standard contract that I use at White Fuse. Of course, you likely need to tailor this slightly to your circumstances, but it should form an adequate starting point for most consultancy or design businesses.

The document works in tandem with a clear description of scope. You should make sure that the description of scope refers directly to the standard terms and that you provide the client with both documents at the time they sign (or agree by email, which is fine as long as it’s an unambiguous approval).

I hope you find it helpful.